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PTO Configurator (Twin)

This PTO Configurator is designed to be used when selecting clutch dependant, gearbox mounted twin output PTO units. To use, simply use the search filters below, in any order to find the PTO which best suits your application.

When all of the search filter criteria has been answered, the configurator will display the relevant MANEX code, OE code and general assembly drawing for the unit.

Once the codes have been displayed the user has the option of printing the data to a PDF file to his/her desktop. This PDF can then be emailed to the responsible person.

Depending upon the equipment that is being installed, other options may be required as well as a power take off. These include:

  • Body builder interface module;
  • Gearshift interlock;
  • ECAS input for crane operation;
  • Front parking brake.


Should you have any queries, please contact Product Engineering.